‘We walk on roads with grass that’s pink, and we write our stories in yellow ink’


We are OJØ Studio, a young team that loves and aspires to stimulate the creativity in us. Our team lives in Europe and comprises fashion photographers, digital marketers, videographers, filmmakers, and creative designers. We do not have the ambition to change the world, only to create aesthetically pleasing and charmingly witty things for people to enjoy. We would love to be a small part of the process towards our world becoming even more beautiful, interesting, and perhaps most importantly, colorful.


"OJØ" comes from the Spanish word "OJO", meaning "eye". Its shape is similar to the human face, eyes wide open beside the bridge of the nose. This is unique, as in Western language, it is rare that a word has a shape that overlaps with its meaning. In Spanish, in order to say “the eyes”, an “S”, similar to English, has to be added at the end of OJO, i.e. "OJOS". A language with such self-conflicting shape and meaning results in an interesting overlapping and interaction. 


Peculiarly, the name “OJØ” also reminds us of the Spanish film director Louis Bunuel in the surrealist art movement, and the unforgettable, classic picture in his film “An Andalusian Dog": one eye cut open with a razor blade. When you see the world with only one eye, you avoid the illusion and you will see it in its ‘truest’, ‘rawest’ form.  


Thus, no matter how tedious and cruel our reality is when we close that troubled eye and accentuate our visual experience with the melody coming from our soul, we truly sense our emotions and feelings deep, deep down. 


We create compelling visual content, we portray anecdotes through our lens, and we explain our attitude towards life through our images. We’re intimate and intricate storytellers, and what’s a good story without some fun? For this reason, we replaced the second "O" in "OJO" with "Ø", similar to the shape of a closed eye. In French "OJØ" is pronounced exactly like the French phrase "Au Jeu", reflecting an attitude of "In the game" and an experience of "having fun".